Answering Your Questions About Fine Jewellery and Watch Repair

Posted on: 14 November 2017

If you have a piece of fine jewellery or a very expensive watch, you'll want to have it cleaned and repaired by a professional as needed. There are many reasons for having this done, and especially for ensuring this work is done by someone with proper training and credentials. Note a few questions you might have about this work, so you can ensure you keep these pieces in good repair at all times.

Can a water-resistant piece be worn in the shower?

Jewellery and fine watches may be considered water-resistant, but this doesn't mean you can wear them in the shower. Water-resistant does not mean waterproof, as steam and droplets of water can still make their way into the inner workings of the watch and parts of your jewellery piece, causing damage. Also, shower gels and soaps, minerals from hard water, and other such debris can cling to those pieces, causing damage.

If your fine jewellery piece or watch has become dull and discoloured over the years, or the watch has outright stopped working, and you've been wearing these pieces in the shower, this can be the reason for such damage. Have them cleaned and repaired as needed, and then ensure you remove them before showering, to keep them in good condition.

Can jewellery and watches be stored in a safe?

Jewellery pieces may need cleaning after they've been stored for a long period of time, as they may tarnish or get dusty. However, if you plan on storing away a watch for any length of time, it's good to first have the battery removed by a professional. A dead battery can actually leak chemicals, and these chemicals can damage the inner workings of the watch. If you remove a watch from a safe and notice that the battery is dead, have the watch thoroughly inspected and repaired as needed, in case there were such leaks of chemicals and damage to those inner pieces.

Why have pieces cleaned if they look fine and function properly?

Cleaning fine jewellery will remove chemicals, residue from body oil and lotions, dust, and other debris that may be building up around connectors to gemstones and in crevices of chains. This will ensure the piece looks its best and doesn't degrade over time. Cleaning a fine watch will also remove dust and ensure there is no condensation building up inside the watch, potentially damaging the small pieces inside. This also allows a jeweller to examine the watch for needed repairs or replacement of worn parts.

For more information, contact professionals, such as those found at a seiko repair centre.


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