How Jewellers Avoid Heat Damage During Repairs

Posted on: 6 July 2017

Are you worried that your jewellry will be damaged as it is soldered? Read on and discover some of the measures that jewellers can take to ensure that heat does not damage the jewellry during the soldering process.

Using Laser Soldering Tools

Many jewellers who repair high-end jewellry have laser tools for soldering those expensive items. Such a soldering tool can be controlled to deliver a precise amount of heat to the target area of the jewellry without endangering the rest of the jewellry. It may therefore be worthwhile for you to find a jeweller with this soldering tool if you are concerned about the possibility of heat damage. The higher cost that you pay for this service will be more than compensated for by the safety from accidental damage.

Use of Water

Jewellers who don't have laser soldering equipment can use water to keep the jewellry cool during the soldering process. For example, the repairer may use a misting tool to keep a paper towel moist while the gem on that wet paper is being soldered. Another person may opt to place the gem in a crucible of water with just the part to be soldered sticking out. All these measures protect the gem from overheating during the repair process.

Use of Refractive Materials

Some jewellry repairers select a refractive material to divert most of the heat rays away from the gem that they are soldering. This method is particularly useful when soldering highly conductive materials, such as silver. The refractive material is usually used together with water in order to protect valuable jewellry from heat damage.

Controlling Temperature Change

Some jewellry is sensitive and can be damaged irreparably when its temperature changes very suddenly. Experienced jewellers can identify such jewellry and implement measures to avoid this problem. For example, he or she may slowly heat the gem until the soldering temperature is reached. The gem will then be slowly cooled after it has been soldered so that the risks of rapid cooling are also averted.

Unsetting the Gems

Today, some jewellry is so complex that gemstones can be in-filled with glass and other materials. Some gems are even placed in gas-filled orifices. Such jewelry will most likely be damaged if the gem isn't removed from that in-fill. The repairer therefore protects your jewellry by unsetting it so that he or she can avoid affecting those other materials during the soldering process.

As you can see, numerous options exist to protect your jewellry during the repair process. Ask your jeweller to explain what specific steps he or she will take to protect your jewellry in case you still have fears about the safety of your precious jewels.


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