Custom Engagement Rings | 3 Styles To Delight Your Modern Bride With A Fabulous Ring

Posted on: 22 December 2015

If you've decided to pop the question and you know that clear-cut solitaire diamonds aren't your bride's cup of tea, then you've got your work cut out for you in your quest to find her the perfect engagement ring. Modern brides-to-be will love the idea of striking alternatives to traditional engagement rings, so you have a myriad of choices –– from coloured-gem statement pieces to cluster-diamond modern rings. Whether you choose ready made or custom engagement rings, use these styles to delight your modern bride with a fabulous ring.

Coloured Gemstones To Establish A Modern Twist

While classic white diamonds represent timeless style, coloured gemstones remain highly popular with modern women because these gems help them express their unique personalities. You can choose custom engagement rings with stones like emeralds, rubies, garnets, and sapphires to create colourful masterpieces that steal the show. The best part of choosing customised coloured gemstones is the flexibility you have to create individually unique pieces for your fiancé-to-be. You can choose your gemstones on split shank or twisted band settings to give the ring a delightfully unique twist to match her non-traditional personality.

Break Away From Tradition By Opting For Cluster Rings

Diamond cluster engagement rings are trendy substitutes to classic solitaires, so it's likely that your modern bride will love this fashionable style. Instead of stressing about the cut and shape of traditional solitaires, you can opt for diamond clusters embedded in stylish settings to give your bride a glamourous ring, resonating with her strong personality. You can choose round, oval or square shapes depending on your personal taste and preference. Cluster rings offer you the freedom of endless design possibilities.

Excite Your Bride With Unique Stone Shapes

While square, sound and cushion shapes are perfect for traditional engagement rings, you'll want alternative diamond shapes or even a blend of different precious stones to match the uniqueness of your bride's personality. You can choose distinctive shapes like elongated elliptical sparklers, pear-shaped diamonds and heart-shaped stones for your modern bride. If you are a hopeless romantic, then you can choose diamonds or precious stones with delicate floral or abstract shapes that clasp onto a visually appealing ring band. If you love the idea of curvy sophistication, you can choose custom engagement rings with intricately cut stone shapes.

Choose between these style variations to pop the question to your modern bride. You can choose between readymade or custom engagement rings depending on your personal style and preference. 


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