How to find conflict free diamonds

Posted on: 31 July 2015

As an ethical consumer looking for an engagement ring free of blood diamonds, you may be concerned about the options open to you. Luckily by asking some simple questions you can ensure that the diamond on your finger has come from an ethically mined source and is totally guilt free. Here are some ways to make sure that your diamond engagement ring is conflict free.

Look for provenance

The concerning areas for blood diamonds tend to be in Africa. Diamonds that have come from the US, Canada or Australia tend to be mined by well paid workers and mined under well supervised mining situations. Most reputable jewellers can let you know the country of the stone in your engagement ring which can help to allay any fears. If your jeweller cannot give you information as to the origins of the materials in their rings this should be considered a "yellow flag" to warrant some more research and questioning in your case.

Many retailers prefer to used mines from these locations as the more professional mining companies can guarantee a more reliable source of high quality diamonds for high end uses such as jewellery.

Reputable brands

The more reputable jeweller's brands have policies of only dealing with legitimate stone dealers. Many dealers now use very fine labelling on the underside of the diamond to ensure that they can be be tracked through the supply chain and adequate controls applied to any labour that interacts with diamonds including gemstone polishing and selling.

Given the additional positive publicity from using conflict free diamonds, many brands are already heading to conflict free guarantees for their diamond rings.

Consider using recycled diamonds

Diamonds traditionally don't have a particularly high resale value. Using a vintage diamond engagement ring from a second hand ring from your family can be a great way to get a ring from an earlier era, where there were not as many concerns around conditions of the mine. Additionally, you get the lovely connection with the past and the history on long and happy marriages, which you get to carry with you every day, by incorporating recycled stones into your diamond engagement ring.

Finding a conflict free diamond for your diamond engagement ring is as simple as asking some questions from your local helpful jeweller. With a relatively small amount of diamonds coming from conflict zones, it is easy to find a beautiful diamond engagement ring that meets your ethical standards.


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