3 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Jewellery Store

Posted on: 27 July 2015

People who only browse are the bane of a jewellery store owner's life all around the world. Just imagine if every single person that browsed your stands had bought even the smallest item on display; you would be swimming in cash! Here is a list of 3 things that will make your browsers linger longer and just might push them into buying something rather than going home and thinking about it.

Purchase a Small Hi-Fi System

When it comes to Hi-Fi systems, size is crucial. You do not want to go overboard with the purchase of ten speakers with bass that will make your windows rattle. The key with jewellery stores is a low-level backing music, which will help both you and your customers. It will stop you from climbing the walls because of boredom while also helping your customers relax.

As an added effect, you could use the music to communicate the vibe of your brand. Do you specialise in vintage jewellery? Then maybe you should consider playing classical music to reinforce the identity of your brand. It isn't essential to match music to your brand, however. But it does help in attracting a specific target audience. It's likely that people interested in old jewellery pieces are also interested in old songs, and hearing them might make them stay in your shop for longer and ultimately increase the chances of them buying something.

Display Stands for Jewellery

This is another easily overlooked aspect of jewellery stores. Sure, laying some jewellery pieces on low tables may seem like a great idea on paper, but you have to account for the varying heights of your customers. By miscalculating the table size you either force taller browsers to kneel down to see the pieces up close, or you end up preventing shorter browsers from seeing the wide variety that you can offer.

It's not recommended to hang jewellery on racks either, since you'll end up having too many pieces on one rack and will lose visibility. Instead, you should purchase one or two display stands depending on the size of your business. They come in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes in order to cater to everyone's needs.

Air Fresheners Are Important

Just like a Hi-Fi System, air fresheners can stimulate the sense of your customers and nudge them to spend more time in your store. Imagine a store scent like a fragrant business card that people can carry away in their own clothes. Air fresheners are one of the smallest investments that you can make in order to sway your customers into buying your products.

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